June 2011

Dear Indigoer,
My missive is a little late this month - sorry!
Before we get down to business I need to share something with you - it is a story about a lion (yes I am on medication but I do not need to be restrained…yet!)
The story was on radio 4 on Saturday morning with the reverend Richard Coles - it’s not a religious story, as such, although the lion is called “Christian”
All will be explained If you go to BBC i player radio 4 (bla bla) and then google “Christian the lion” on YouTube.
Please watch it several million have already!
Now if you do not have a computer which are those of you that receive this missive by snail mail then to be very frank and to the point it’s HIGH TIME you got with it.
You can pick one up for a few £100’s and they are easy to operate as putting the kettle on! Which they need to be because anything more complicated and I couldn’t use them!
But the point is this it is an extraordinary story about a lion cub that was bought in Harrods in 1969 and then went to live in Kings road, Chelsea as a pet but eventually ….
To find out what happens (take a hanky), you will need to pop next door to your neighbour and watch it on their computer or go to the library or better still pop into Indigo and watch it on one of our laptop computers in our free wireless internet lounge. Hint hint!!
Now down to business!